Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Finds: This week - well, I tried to flow through the challenges. It was a little bit tough. I'm glad I decided to reward myself with not just one, but two inspirational magazines this week.
I get apprehensive about going to see the eye specialist after 46 years with diabetes. Then I wait for about an hour to actually have the appointment.
"Look straight ahead.
Look to the right.
Look to the left.
Look down at my necktie."
Moves to the left eye,
"Look straight ahead.
Look to the right.
Look to the left.
Look down at my necktie."
"Everything looks not too bad. Come back in two years."
I breathe.
And then there are the meetings - much clenching of jaws with those.
I made it through the most difficult parts - of the week. The phone rings. It's the school principal. We need a letter from Cat's psychiatrist if she is to continue with the same school program next year. We saw the psychiatrist four years ago. She barely had time to write
anything for the school then. We were fortunate to see her after a few months of waiting. Some people waited a couple of years.
"You have till the end of the summer", says the principal.
"Flow through the challenges Wendy".

Have a great weekend and angels be with you.

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KJ said...

"Flow through the challenges" <----I love that.

Because when it comes to challenges, I tend to...uh...what's the opposite of flow?

I always talk myself and calm myself down and deal with things just fine in the end, but the moment a challenge strikes, yeah, I get pretty worked up.

Flow through the challenges...flow through the challenges...

Just saying it makes me feel sort of serene. I think I'll use it as my mantra, to repeat, during that hairy moment when a challenge first strikes. Maybe it'll keep me from drama queen-ing out! :)

Take care!


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