Thursday, May 24, 2007

excited: Three people are very excited. One is my dear friend Suze who got a job today. I am very excited because of this marvelous path which has been placed before her. Our daughter is excited because I helped her start her own blog today. It's just a start but that doesn't matter. I'm excited, because she's excited.

Later note - I was looking for a photo from flickr to portray the excitement but got majorly side - tracked, once again. I decided best to leave without for now. I might never get down to what I could be doing today!


suzie q said...

Thank you so much for being excited for me, sweetheart. I've replied to your Flickrmail this morning with the rest of the exciting news...!!

I was excited to find Kat's blog - it looks great, and she did so well, embedding video & all... far more advanced than I, already! Well done, Kat, and well done Mum! :D

Angels Abound!! :)

Excited Hugs for you both, and tons of love... xXxXx

windy angels said...

Kat's blog - weeelll, I think I've created a monster. She wants to be there always. Maybe it's wearing off.
Thank goodness she's got her own old computer downstairs to work on.
And to think that GREG is the technologist that works with the computers, Ha, as Debra would say.
Yes, love, angels abound.

Wendy XO

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