Thursday, May 10, 2007

"angels be with you": This is a journal page I did with items from the challenge as presented by Kira for "journal junk week 2".
I've discovered another reason why I love mixed media. Glue and I DO NOT get along. This time I thought I'd try using a glue stick instead of a medium. I still managed to get glue in places it should not be. You'd think I would have learned by now that I should not try to clean it off. Yipes! Printer ink does not want to stay put. The more I try to clean it the worse it gets. Mixed media to the rescue. Just use more layers, more "mix", more glue. Voila - a creation to be proud of.
This image is best viewed in large size - clickable.


suzie q said...

Love this piece, Wendy! :)
LoL at the glue story! I use gel medium for glue and am addicted! (Never heard of it until I started blogging) I love to paint it on and it works as a sealant, too. It doesn't matter what I use, though - I always get in a big mess, with bits of stuff sticking to places they shouldn't, and not to where I want them to! ;)
Hope you enjoyed playing! It looks like you did - this is lovely! :)
And that word bored - is that the same as the dreaded P word?! ;) I think it may well be....
Procrastinators of the world Unite!

Love you lots,
Huge Hugs, Suze xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, How are you doing? (Well in the arts department by the look of things at least!!) I love those purple pics, especially your one at Flickr.
Hope all is well, love Debra in New Zealand x

Jana B said...

Oh I love this!!!!! I love the colors you used and the way you combined it all...

I always get covered in glue as well...

windy angels said...

Hi Jana,
thanks for stopping by with a comment. I'm glad you like this piece. I wonder what it is about artists? Do we tend to be messy? Maybe that's what creativity is about?
That... and hopefully being able to laugh lots about the messes we make.

windy angels said...

Hi Debra,
yes, I've been quite busy in the arts area - and I haven't shown yet what I've all been up to.
OK otherwise too. I'm working my way through a difficult year but it is so wonderful to have my blogging friends - like you.
Thanks for that.
Angels be with you.
Wendy XO

windy angels said...

Thanks for your frequent visits Suze. They mean so much to me.
OK - about the "P" word - I am choosing to not recognize it at the moment. I am choosing to link it with Cruella. We don't want to see Cruella. I could rant on with the subject but I think you get what I'm saying.
Many tickles and laughs coming your way beautiful one.
Love you,
Wendy XO

artsyfran said...

I get glue all over the place. I've been using glue that can dry and act as a sealant over the image. Gel medium, and even Elmer's glue works well. :)

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