Saturday, May 05, 2007

Botanicals: a most wonderful theme this week for Artwords. I love everything about botanicals and I love the vintage aspect of the word.
For this piece I've used tea stained paper on card stock. I've applied an image from an old book and added words of my own composition. The hand made paper pieces are from a collection I made a number of years ago. They have dried herbs and flowers from my own garden added. I just made the shipping tags with some herb seeds I had leftover.
And the words, in case you hadn't realized, are really about this:
"the most difficult part
standing back
watching her grow"

Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

Beautiful Art & a beautiful sentiment, Wendy. I totally sympathise... my boy will be 17 next month, and this time is proving to be the hardest yet..

Much Love & Many Angels, always..
Hugs, Suze xXx

NancyB said...

Beautiful piece Wendy! I am with you on this one...When their small they step on your toes..when their grown they step on your heart...but eventually they flee back to their Mum for advice, protection and sweet hugs. :) xoxo Nance

windy angels said...

Thanks Suze, I heard it starts to change once they're in their 20s. Sigh - only 5 more years to go, or so.
Wendy XO

windy angels said...

Thanks for stopping by Nance. Hmmm - yes absolutely - step on your heart. I'll have to remember that. Do I dare say I wish these next 5 years would pass more quickly. NO. Time moves too quickly as is. I must just try to laugh more and cry less - protection for the heart.
Wendy XO

artsyfran said...

I love all the meaning behind all the different pieces and the fact that you really feel this piece. I can feel your love for the garden, your daughter, everything in this composition. hugs, fran

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