Sunday, May 27, 2007

Collage paper: I've been trying to do some writing besides regular Sunday activities and trying to help Cat with her blog and some photos. I've managed to stay away from the fractals so far but started this last night. It started as a photo I took last June at Manitou. I'm intrigued by shadows and light. I decided to play with the photo and these are the end results. I'm happy. I think they could work nicely for collage backgrounds. There is a pattern that Nance has used which I absolutely love and it kind of led me in this direction.
Till later when I hopefully complete that writing,
Angels be with you.

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suzie q said...

oooh, those flowers look suspiciously like Poppies to me! ;) But then I think everything is looking like poppies to me lately! :D

The red version would make a great background for a journal page - looking forward to that!

Cat's blog is wonderful - so many videos to play, and things to see, I love it! :D

Glad to see you found time for a fractal, and hope you got your writing completed..

Much Love,
Suze xXx

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