Friday, May 25, 2007

Copycat: The weekly prompt this week for Inspire me Thursday is copycat. While cruising around on flickr this morning I happened upon the photos of Ms. Ladyred. This is my first feeble attempt to do something remotely along similiar lines. The original was taken at the farm, creekside, last weekend.


Fifi LePew said...

This is nice with the blue border. I think if you're going for a "realistic" look you could eliminaate that green v-shape in the center and maybe clone out or blur some of the odd patterns you're getting in the center.

windy angels said...

Thanks for the comment Fifi. I tried working with blur on the old corel photo-paint program I'm using. I think it was actually on the purple one which is next to this. I don't have enough experience, or time to take a course. I have difficulty understanding the instruction manual. I don't have anyone close by to just teach me. Sigh. I get frustrated. I'm also trying to do too many things at one time - mixed-up media I've called it. I seem to recall someone was going to offer me a photoshop program. I said "no thanks". I actually prefer the real life stuff.
Thanks again for the suggestions. I may give it a go again sometime, maybe next week or maybe next winter.

windy angels said...

I looked again and see what you mean about the v-shape. Might have an idea.

platinum blonde said...

so beautiful!

megan said...

you got a nice dreamy quality out of this one

Lise Richards said...

I am touched, both by your quotes to the left on risk, and by your art. I can feel your creativity shining through!

artsyfran said...

Lovely! What a great way to use the prompt! xoxo, fran

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