Monday, May 14, 2007

Flooding: There has been much flooding in our area over the past few weeks. highways have had water over them. cottages at a Waldsea lake, very close to Humboldt, had much flooding with many cottages totally ruined.

For Mother's day we always
go to Paul's Place at Watrous near Manitou Beach. Jason, the owner - chef has always been very kind to us - especially to Cat. In past years he got HER a gift, even though it was Mother's day. Long story - she's charismatic when given the chance - not so much now as a teen but very much so when a child.This year we had to take a detour as there was flooding across the road to Manitou Beach. Fortunately there is a short detour.
We drove to the east side of the Beach to get a closer look.
This building used to be a shrimp factory. Manitou is a salt water Lake as you can tell from the foam on the side of the road.

This cottage on the left is actually on the other side of the road from the lake.

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suzie q said...

My goodness, Wendy! I hope your feet are dry! I love those cottages - d'you think they might be giving them away now they're flooded?! ;)
Love the photo's - thank you for sharing some more of your surroundings - they look lovely, even under water!

Much Love,
Suze xXx

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