Monday, May 07, 2007

Surprising sunset: We were at the farm for the weekend. They'd been predicting rain for Saturday night and Sunday. I was busy Saturday evening with preparing a couple of books for altering when I glanced out the window and KNEW I had to go outside with camera in hand. Cat helped me quickly prepare. There were a couple of things I needed to finish - cover for the egg carton lid full of glue for those pages, sponge soppy with glue to hastily apply. I needed to find my rubber boots because of nasty beasties in the tall dry grass I needed to walk through. And then ~


suzie q said...

Incredible photographs, Wendy! That sunset looks like fire! Hope the nasty beasties kept away, and that you are as proud of these photo's as you should be! Thank you so much for sharing them...

The Angels were putting on a real show for you! Blessings, Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks Suze and you are very welcome. yes, I love when the angels give me such a show. I also love the sounds - wish there were some way to share them - the frogs and all the birds, ummmm.
the beasties - ticks - I brushed one off of me the next morning. I hate them but they just need to be checked for, removed, and then pounded with a hammer or washed down the drain. "Cat" likes to pound them.
Unfortunately they really like the dogs.
have a wonderful day Beautiful.
Wendy XO
Angels be with you

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