Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bits and pieces: The first is a 4X4 done on acrylic painted watercolour paper, with water. I then printed a "stamped" image of some of my handwriting stretched and an old photo of my cousin with her beautiful long hair standing and looking at her shadow. The "stamped" effect comes quite simply from an image inserted onto word. After formatting the picture I then click on the bar which takes me to a square with four different parts. I click on the one for black and white. Then I may fiddle a bit with the contrast and brightness in the side bar. I used a silver "gelly roll" pen from sakura for edging, did some stitching - french knots and simple stitches. The crown and hearts were added finally with the "gold gelly roll".

I do not want to forget to mention that all was fine with the eye specialist. I'm to return in two years. One day I'll do some long writing and sharing about the monster diabetes. I have been very fortunate but I've really had to work for it.

I received wonderful surprises in the mail today. One was a package with 42 inchies from th
e swap I was part of - wonderful package to receive. I'll show them to you one day. The other was from my dear wonderful angel friend Suze. Angel tears were flowing. Thanks Suze. Hopefully I'll also have time to show some of the wonderful bits of love she sent to me .

Tonight I'll leave you with this jolly sunshine ATC and wish you joyous days, with many angels coming your way.


Adrian said...

Your artwork is beautiful. I like the idea of working small and also using waterdown acrylics on water color paper - just an idea that I've been searching for as my watercolor attempts are always so pale. Welcome to Bloggers Who Embellish!

suzie q said...

It is indeed! Very beautiful :)
Two packages in one day! The Angels are taking good care of you, sweetheart! So very glad you received mine - at last!! Sent with so much love...
Take good care of yourself, and enjoy your new bits & pieces. Look forward to seeing the inchies!

Huge Hugs,
Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

Love the new pieces! Many Blessings to you and Happy Thursday!

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