Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Creekside - I missed the crocuses (as we know them - truly should be called pasqua flowers) this year at the farm. Only a few were still flowering when we visited on the weekend. However I am equally intrigued by these lovely critters that come after the flowers. This big imp sometimes wonders what it would be like to live always amidst nature. Hmmm.
"Imp wonders"


suzie q said...

I'm laughing! :) Love this so much! You know I've been taking pictures from the same angle recemtly, and my Mum's maiden name is Impey - all the females are 5ft tall & under! I love these pictures! :D

Glad to see you at play under the beautiful skies!

Tickles & Hugs from the Angels...

and Suze ;) Much Love xXx

windy angels said...

I'm so glad I made you laugh. That is such a cool story. glad you like the pictures. some of the most beautiful, colourful flowers are hugging the earth. Didn't quite have the moment to capture the sweet violets that are so tiny, so purple, so you.
thanks for all the angels dear. Back to you with those same and more.
Wendy XO

artsyfran said...

Such a neat photo. It really makes you think about what happens after the flowers fade; after beauty fades. Outer beauty is so fleting, but the inner beauty like this continues. Love the photo1

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