Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Caran D'ache Crayons - Fixative - A comment was made about uncertainty for fixative to use with the crayons. Oh yes, the ones I have are exactly the same - water soluble, Neocolor II. I used this snippit of background and did a bit with the crayons - the white swirls, the hearts, and the blues on the top left hand corner. Then I used some of this Krylon product which has been around in our house for a number of years. I believe it worked very well. I have to be a bit more light handed though.

AND, I just did the link to the crayons. I see I can do much more than I was aware. YES!


Nancy Baumiller said...

Ahhhhhhh ok....thats what I thought I wasnt for sure! Thank you Wendy! What you did with the crayons is so wonderfully the background behind it too!:D hugs

windyangel said...

Thanks dear.

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