Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fear and Brown: Why am I feeling excited? Fear and brown are this week's themes for two of the challenges of which I am a part. If you know me very well you would not be surprised at all if I said my immediate reaction was fear. Because of fears I've faced over the past few years it is not an easy subject for me.
With my Seasonal Affective Disorder the tendency to the colour brown in the Autumn time of year when the leaves have fallen and everything turns a duller shade of that, well, you get the drift.
And of course the weather in Saskatchewan this week has been cold, rainy and very windy. This means the branches of the Mountain Ash trees of which I had the collage, are now totally naked.
But Windy has blown through many a storm. I've gotten beyond the huge fears. I am able to look back. I am able to see the beauty of brown. I am able to think of chocolate and my "chocolate eyed girl" when I start working with the browns.
I am able to see the light and the hope. It will blow me through even more storms.


Nancy Baumiller said...

I guess it just takes looking at things in a different light! Chocolate! Now theres a great way to love the color brown hehe! I have been watching the weather around the world and the coldness your part of the world is getting i thought of you and sending you warm hugs, it is suppose to get colder here this weekend! Amen! For womenfolk who have hotflashes hehe! Much love darlin!

BlueJude said...

There coundn't be brown without yellow and orange, so try and think of it that way...if it helps.
And fear, well thats something I know about. But thats for another time. Ironic that the themes have fallen together as such. Fear and Brown. Perhaps your piece will reflect how these two are chained together for you and all the meaning they hold. Can't wait to see!

firstborn said...

can't wait to see what you've created for this week's challenges!

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