Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've been tagged by Nance, who was tagged by Mary Ann, to list 9 items of weirdness about myself. Ooh, might be tricky. I think some of these things are not so weird but maybe typical. OK, so I'll say they're weird for me:

1. I am quite used to being "on the edge" and though I am much advised to take time for myself ~ I continue to take on new projects. (We'll not include procrastinating as weird but of course you recognize that by taking on new projects, all the other unfinished will probably be set aside for another day or two, month or two).

2. I lay down on the kitchen floor sometimes after I've just come in from exercise, activity, fun and tiring stuff like cross country skiing. Greg, DH, comes and offers me a hand.

3. I like to lay down on the trampoline and just look up at the sky sometimes ~ (when I'm taking a moment from being on edge, or on the edge).

4. I often go back to bed after breakfast on Saturday to sleep-in. I have to eat my breakfast cause of the diabetes.

5. I get irked when I've minimized something and it seems to disappear after Greg or Cat have been at computer.

6.I have this habit of running my hand through my hair, especially if I'm tired or frustrated. (And I should be surprised after I say I'm tired and Cat says "I noticed" or Greg says "Yaaahhh").

7. I sometimes pull at my eyebrows with my fingers when frustrated (as she removes her hand from her temple).

8. Though I have a preference for more easy listening types of music or to silence, I occasionally have a yen for Ray Charles (and I'm not talking "What a Wonderful World").

9. I need to have my feet washed every night before I go to bed. Typically I sit up on the counter and Greg actually washes them for me. I'm quite spoiled but I don't see that as weird, definitely not weird to be spoiled by DH.

Your turn only if you want. It's fun. (Especially when blogger won't upload my halloween picture and I can't find all the prepared ATCs that I need to finish. Double grrrr. Oh yes, weird - sometimes I growl when I'm upset. I learnt that from Cat (our daughter, in case you didn't realize)

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Suzie Q said...

LoL! I love these, and am fascinated... I want one of those DH's - washing your feet! Unbelievable! I should be anywhere near so lucky! :)
I am completely with you on #5,6 & 7! 4 aswell, except I don't get up for breakfast.
Josh wants to know if you will adopt him ;) - he's wanted a trampoline forever, but we never had the room (or the trampoline!).
You have me lying on the kitchen floor at the very thought of cross-country skiing! :O Far too energetic for my liking! ;) Walking pace is as fast as I get!
It's great to get a little more insight into the loveliness that is you,Wendy - nothing too weird going on at all! Now then, I wonder if there are 9 publishable weirdnesses about me......

Huge Hugs,
Q xXx

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