Sunday, October 22, 2006

FAMILY: This is for day 6 of the 7 day collage challenge. Family is extremely important to me, not just my own family but the total idea of family, for all.

As I was preparing this collage I was thinking about my cousin Patty and her son, David, 27th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan. To her immediate family, and to her extended family, this word, this institution, is important. Also
it is important because of what David was about. He wanted SO much to help the people of Aphghanistan. Though I very much hate war, I am trying to understand why any young person would feel they must be part of this sad war. As I see it, the reason is largely about family, largely about love, largely about home ~ wanting a safe home for people, for children, for families.

I would also like to share this quotation which speaks about family in a somewhat different way:

"One way or the other, God, who thought up the family
in the first place,
has the very best idea of how to bring sense
to the chaos of broken relationships
we see all around us.

I really believe that if I remain still and listen a lot,

He will share some solutions with me so I can share them
with others."
Jill Briscoe


Suzie Q said...

Wonderful post, Wendy, and the collage is gorgeous. Family is so very important to us all, I think - more so as the world around us gets all the more chaotic..

Thanks for this thought-provoking start to the day. I'm looking forward to Day 7's collage, and hope you'll do more of these - I might just have a go myself this week..

Q xXx

StegArt said...

This is a lovely collage Wendy. Smiles!

Nancy Baumiller said...

Awesome collage Wendy! Lovely post! Hugs my Sista!

windyangel said...

Not certain when I'll get day 7 posted. I've a very busy day. It's started but not certain when it will be complete, collage that is. Interesting to see on the yahoo group how many people are getting into this ~ Cloth Paper Studio. Suzie, why don't you join? They say you can just lurk if you want. I've been yappin about how to make fabric postcards. I think I can do it ~ just may take some time. Ahh ~ my poor pigeon is still waiting patiently. Sooon.
Hugs to all.

BlueJude said...

Great quote I needed to hear! Thanks for sharing.

Suzie Q said...

Wendy darlin', if you get five minutes before I do, could you post a link to the group please? I'd love to join in and may treat myself to a browse through a magazine or two after dinner.. ;)

Thank you kindly!

Big Love xXx

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