Friday, October 20, 2006

Fabulous imagery: I've just discovered faustinaimagery on the blog of SuzieQ. This is beyond words. Thanks for sharing it Suzie. This means time to relax ~ sit back and breath it all in.


Nancy Baumiller said...

Amazing! This was so beautiful! I am so glad you pointed this out to us! And thank you to Suzie to for discovering it! I dont know about relaxing ..but it sure made my heart pump fast to see all the beauty in this world! Makes you look at things a bit differently and inspires you to want to explore more into the world and all its wonderful creations! :) smiling over here!

naomi said...

That was wonderful, so peaceful and relaxing. Thank you for sharing it.

Suzie Q said...

So glad you found it, Wendy! :) I found it on another blog and lost the link somewhere along the way... I love it, though, and have gone there every day to chill out.. just the job! :)


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