Thursday, October 19, 2006

REMEMBERING: I've been spending a great deal of time this day going through, and through, and through again, one magazine to find appropriate items to use in seven collages for the seven day challenge in which I am participating. You might think this would be monotonous. I found it refreshing. I was remembering ~ remembering events from the past, what is important to me, and what it is like to have some time to reflect, to continue on my journey of self discovery. For day seven I will need a larger piece of paper for doing the collage. Regular cardstock will not be big enough. Day seven will be titled "me". I can hardly wait to put the piece together to see what more I might learn.

In the meantime I hope you will enjoy learning other pieces about me in my collages about time, animals and family. My day three collage which you will get to see tomorrow is about Autumn. If you've been following me you will know what autumn meant and then came to mean.

Wishing you happy remembering of your own.

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