Saturday, October 28, 2006

Collections ~ of life, love, art, history: I'm a bit late for this week's theme of "my collections" for Studio Friday but I absolutely could not resist. I have a feeling most artists would have difficulty with resisting, not sharing, for this week's theme.

The items on this collage are all items from "about our place". I love to collect as do my hubby and daughter. The pieces on this collage are all mine. Though I love vintage, I have newer collections as well. The old chair, with the purple blanket, is from the family farm and was one of the few items salvaged from a fire in 1935. I'll be doing better images of the pillow covers, hanging on the cupboard doors,
another time. They are from a family cottage at Manitou Beach and are very old. I'll try to include more history then.



Suzie Q said...

Oh Wendy, this is gorgeous! I love all the cosy corners in this collage - I must see if you've uploaded it to Flickr, where I can put notes all over it! ;) Beautiful collections, oozing with love...

Q xXx

BlueJude said...

How nice this piece is. I like the colrs! And I have definately done my share of collecting over the years. So much so...that its now time to let go of some of it as there is no room in this house. And I am in purge mode for the winter. However, I will keep the ones most dear and near to my heart!

StegArt said...

Nice collage Wendy. Very colorful, which always grabs my attention. Hugs!

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