Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thank you. I feel so loved, by so many. Nance and Suzie ~ you're terrific.

Love you,


Suzie Q said...

You are so very welcome, Angel :) This is beautiful, Wendy, and a perfect submission for this week's Studio Friday: Collections! I've just been working on mine - lagging behind, naturally! ;)
I saw Angels everywhere today, all getting ready for Christmas! I hope your birthday was like all your Christmasses rolled into one!

BTW, that was very well-spotted...the face & hat on Nancy's gorgeous greeting for you was one I used on my first page of board book! It's an irresistible image! Great minds, eh, Nance? ;)

Love you both,
Thank You Wendy xXx

Nancy Baumiller said...

You are loved my angel friend! Your very welcome! And what a sweet thank you! Love your studio fridays piece! My collections are kinda cheezy hehe Pez candy dispensers and penguins LOL eh well ..anywho..looks like Suzie's got Christmas on the brain while I am still sorting out Thanksgiving dinner LOL...and a ty to Suzie I knew one of you blog sistas had the image posted at one time! Honestly Wendy I think Suzies the one with the great mind cuz I can't remember nuffin LOL Hugs to you both! Much Love...Nance

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