Monday, October 30, 2006

windy angels and you ~ my new blog: I've started a new blog, something I've been planning for a time. I have MUCH writing that I want to share. I've been writing for the past two and a half years specifically, probaly informally since I was a child. I've shared only a few of the pieces with you. On windy angels and you I hope to share many more. I will try to remember to include approximate dates. Forgive me, ask me, if I forget.



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Suzie Q said...

Oh, so much catching up to do! Grrr to Blogger & a busy week! This is wonderful, Wendy. I'm so glad you've taken the step and created windyangels&you (I love the name!) - the world is waiting to hear what you have to say...

I'm not going to rush-comment on your writings yet, I'll catch up first & enjoy them in good time..

For now, congratulations and I hope it's the start of something really good for you.

Suze xXx

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