Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The hour is late ~ twelve chimes I heard. The rest of the house ~ asleep.

Why do I sit bleary eyed by this machine, with its continuous hum? It's about me. I've just completed the seventh collage, for the seventh day, of the seven day collage challenge. It's about me. Some people might think I'm selfish. Some people might think it odd that I choose to share so much about myself. Some poeple might think I have a huge ego.


I am on a trip of self discovery. I am trying to break down brick walls within my being. I am trying to learn more about myself so I might get past the "I wish!" and "I should!" A part of me is trying to get closer to the "I am". Sharing it with you makes "I am" seem closer. Give it a try.

Till tomorrow...


Suzie Q said...

Got to get past that 'selfish' idea! I think there are very few truly selfish women in the world - it's just not in our nature. But I do know exactly what you mean! I feel 'selfish' for even contemplating doing something for my own sake! I look forward very much to seeing #7, and will surely give it a try! ;)

Love you xXx

Nancy Baumiller said...

Learn all you want darlin! Self discovery is that path that leads to true happiness and clarity! Not a darn thing wrong with that! I just keep telling myself I cant be at my best and good for others or anything else for that matter ..unless I am doing well for myself. Keep smiling! You will find it!

Sue said...

This certainly resonates with many of us. Good for you for discovering self -- it is so healthy. It took me much therapy to learn there is a difference between self-ish and self-caring. Hurray for you.

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