Tuesday, November 07, 2006

AEM, Day 7, Part 2: Some may see this as a ransom note. Others will see it as a tender, wonderful truth. I see it as the latter. I am terribly spoiled and loved most preciously. He is a guy though. I can't ask for perfection.

And I must add that this goes both ways. Each must carry, sometimes one more than the other and then it will change.

True Love


Suzie Q said...

I love this piece, Wendy. The picture is gorgeous, as is the quote... so beautifully romantic!

Much Love xXx

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful piece - both visually and in meaning. It always warms my heart to see a couploe celebrate their love! (Yep, I'm sappy! lol)

Kat said...

aww, this piece is so lovely! i love the way you did the lettering, doesn't look at all ransom note-ish here!

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