Monday, November 13, 2006

Purple Sunrise: AEM - November 13, 2006: I actually did the background this past weekend, on cardstock with stamps and ink pads. The photo is printed on mulberry paper and then stitched on with metallic thread. I'll be doing more of these pieces but will practice tension next time and use some wonder under so as not to get the pillowy effect. Practice, practice.

Got a bit frustrated with transferring to blogger beta. Actually it was OK but a bit uncertain about comments. I had four junky comments all the same on Friday on windyangelsandyou so changed things. I have a feeling I may have messed things for people to comment now. Sigh. Hopefully I can figure it out tomorrow. Some patience together with practice.

I love that I now have labels. Anxious to see if it will connect to my other blog also.


Suzie Q said...

OMG! I LOVE this! That background is soooo beautiful, all the snowflakes & dots & swirls, and the photo has printed out beautifully! Superb! Well done, indeed.

You are very brave to go ahead with the swap to beta - I only did it 'cause blogger told me to! I've had terrible trouble trying to comment on others' blogs ever since - keep having to sign in twice before it will let me do anything. :( Hopefully that will all sort itself out when they make the switch, proper. Fingers crossed!

Congrats on the most beautiful artwork, dear one.

Big warm hugs,
Suze xXx

tammy vitale said...

More purples. I love your purples! I tried to click on "mulberry paper" and it wouldn't link me to anything - can you provide a link? Never heard of it and love this piece of art, so of course I want to try it out or at least read about it.

StegArt said...

I love this Wendy. I've been frustrated since changing to beta too. The comments aren't coming in with e-mail info anymore...hard to reply to folks.

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