Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25, 2006, second post; AEM, Artwords: I was asked by a friend to do some Christmas cards. This is more challenging. I have to do something she'll like. A couple of the things she likes are birds and outdoors. She chose the papers. I didn't have any photos of winter birds. I decided to do this picture from some clipart I had. I did it my own way. Then I discovered that this week's theme for artwords is birds. I'm cutting it close. A new theme goes up tomorrow. I actually didn't have the correct link ever since I changed my blog template. When I redid that today I discovered "bird". So I was under the wire. The card actually isn't complete. I may change it totally after I check with Jen.

Anyway, I was quite scared about the drawing. It's not really something I do very often or very well. I was pleased though. Even if Jen doesn't care for it, the drawing was good practice. And once again I was reminded that though I couldn't find something I was looking for at the last minute - my good pencil crayons, sometimes it works out better. I used mostly the water soluble caran d'ache. YES, the blending was perfect.

I love birds. Chickadees are birds that I commonly see and hear. This winter I'll try to get photos. They are very tame. I've heard of people feeding them from hand. Beautiful chickadees.


Suzie Q said...

Absolutely beautiful chickadees! I had to go searching on Google, and they are sooooo gorgeous!
Your artwork is lovely, Wendy, and I'm sure your friend will be more than pleased with her cards. Way to go, you! :)

Much Love & Huge Hugs (((x)))
(...and enormous thanks for your encouraging comments, Wendy. They mean so much to me. Bless you x)
Suze xXx

tammy vitale said...

I think you absolutely captured the spirit of a chickadee - I was trying to capture a photo this morning on my backporch - I got a titmouse - they're bolder. But the chickadees kept going to the back side of the feeder.

sage said...

these birds sing loud and clear the talent you evoke...they are just darling as you capture the moment exquistely...brava!


kat said...

i absolutely adore chickadees and your drawing of them makes such a lovely christmas card!

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