Wednesday, November 15, 2006

AEM - November 15, 2006: Day 2 on this blue piece. I'm not getting much art done these days and not quite certain how I'll proceed with this piece.

Baby Jesus - You may recognize one of the fabric pieces I'd shown the other day. The background was done with caran d'ache Neocolor ll (water soluble) and water brushed on. I drew in the picture with caran d'ache today. I'll need to soften the cradle yet a bit, no, not more straw, more shading. Again uncertain of how to finish - I might turn these both into little quilts. They are about 5 inches X 7 inches. Oh yes, do you think it would wreck it to use silver fiber on the rays of starlight?


firstborn said...

hi wendy!

these are so wonderful! i don't think silver fiber would wreck your rays! go for it!!!!

& guess what my dear, you've won a ww item!!!

have a lovely day!
mary ann xoxo

Nance said...

Beautiful play Wendy! I think the silver fiber would be so pretty! Much love and hugs!

StegArt said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see what more develops.

leah said...

i think the silver fiber would look great! and i love how the blue piece has come along!

Suzie Q said...

The silver fibre gets my vote, too! Great idea. I love what you did with the other piece, it looks beautiful.. Creative angels are surrounding you, dear one! It's wonderful to see! :)

Much Love & Hugs,
Suze xXx

windyangel said...

Thanks all. Not sure if I'll get to this today. Our teenager giving grief last couple of days. More than usual.
Love you.


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