Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looking through the window
my eyes caught the sparkle
of a mystical, magical land

The horses ready to alight
on the minutest of sleighs
barely visible to mine orbs

"Wait for me"
I whispered
but the light
was changing

As I turned for my cape
snowflakes floated
no longer sparkled

Looking through the window…

This is a photograph I took this morning from our front window. I was thinking of this week's theme for artwords, which is window. After I put the photos to computer I started to play with this window. I had a grand time. I was transported...

One of today's contributions for Art Everyday Month, which is drawing near to an end.

For more on "Looking through the window..." go to windyangelsandyou.


tammy vitale said...

wow - you did this with a *photograph*?!!!! Love it! Love the snow flakes. Love the simplicity. Love the blue. Love the *feeling*.Love the whole thing.

Kat said...

oooo, this is gorgeous. i felt transported by the imagery and words. lovely!

sage said...

I love this combination of art and words, so eloquently portrayed.

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful,Wendy. The image & the prose. Thank you xXx

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