Monday, November 27, 2006

AEM, November 27 - a journal page: I've not been able to do much art the last couple of days. That is frustrating for me. Creativity helps me to cope. Other necessities have been pushing their way to the front of my being.

I've been attempting transfers for some time. On Thursday I finally got some Golden soft gel medium. I decided it would be quick to try to do transfers tonight. It will still take some practice but at least I finally had some success. This was the third attempt tonight. I hadn't taken time to look for directions anywhere. I don't like the streaky lines but I don't care. With practice and some studying I think I might be able to have more success.

Someone questioned my actions, and beliefs, today. I am trying not to let it concern me but when there is such fear in me anyway, it is difficult. I will continue to trust. I will continue to pray. I will continue to ask for your prayers.

Wishing you magic in whatever form that takes - perhaps a stronger faith in God.


artsyfran said...

Great first transfer! Try using the back of a spoon or a bone folder in little circles instead of going up and down with the pressure. :) xoxo

windyangel said...

Thanks Fran.

Suzie Q said...

Oh, Wendy, this is wonderful! I love the colours, and seeing your handwriting, and I personally like the streaky look of the transfer. It suits the text, I believe. She's masked behind all that surplus energy! (Beautiful image, btw)
I love trying this transfer technique but haven't sussed it yet! Fran's tip sounds like a good one. I have lost the thread of AEM completely now, and am desperately trying to get something posted! 'Life' is taking over in a big way and I miss taking part.
I LOVE this journal page, Wendy. Hope you get time for some more soon.
Love you so.
Huge Hugs,
Suze xXx

windyangel said...

Hmmm - life. Yes! I understand. Thanks for taking time to stop by.
Love you,

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