Thursday, November 16, 2006

AEM - November 16, 2006: Little time today or tomorrow. Main art I did today was buying lovely fabrics that were on sale for 1 day only, moonlight madness day in our small City - tradition. I'll show you some of them another day. I'm excited by them - lovely flannels and cottons, rich textures and patterns. Yumm.

This picture was just tossed together digitally. The photo was taken on weekend at farm. We have more snow than there.

See Binds of time at windyangelsandyou.

Have a great day and may you be blessed with much playtime and creative inspiration.


sue b said...

What a great photo this is.

BlueJude said...

Great photo. Love the mood!

leah said...

lovely photo! your dad is in my thoughts and prayers.

Judy Scott said...

what a beautiful sky xx

the gift of time

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