Thursday, November 09, 2006

AEM day 9 & Fiber Christmas Cards: I've been getting into the Christmas spirit. Not hard when you see the weather we've been having.

I also understand there are people questioning why I joined a webring for fibre artists and have had nothing about fibre. Today was day. Not sure if I'll be able to continue on regular basis and may have to leave ring temporarily. For a start, I made these cards. I discovered wonder-under in process. My ironing board cover discovered wonder-under too. Where's that bottle of wine? I think I've had this cover for over 20 years so probably time to get a new one anyway. I always used to read instructions and instruction books before proceeding but... I accidently cut the pieces BEFORE applying the wonder-under. HELLOooo!

Anyway, I had a GREAT time doing the cards. Imperfect as usual. I think would have been pretty tough any other way. I'm not certain what to do with top inside of card where the stitching shows through. Suggestions? More wonder-under and fabric or just card stock or just leave as is?

About AEM - we're going to farm for a few days. I'm not certain what I'll be posting. I'll be creating as much as I can but not sure. Keep checking back. And hopefully I'll have a moment or two to check more of your work. HAPPY AEM. Love you all.

Neither the scans nor photo show colours and texture very well. The outside fabric is jade green.


Suzie Q said...

Well done, Wendy! I am about as far removed from the Christmas Spirit as I can get! These cards are wonderful, I love the moon especially. You did a great job!

Enjoy your time on the farm, sweetheart. Stay warm!

Thanks for all the Angels! :)
Love you loads,
Q xXx

sue b said...

These cards are terrific!

Nancy Baumiller said...

These are fabulous Wendy! I especially love the angel cat one with bluish body and little hearts on it! Wonderful! Take care of yourself while out on the farm! We will miss you! Stay warm! Love and hugs!

BlueJude said...

I think imperfections can be beautiful....and these pieces look faboo to me! Oh talented you! Love the moon!

windyangel said...

Thanks all.
Hey Darc, Where can I find your e-mail to get in touch? If it's not on one of your sites can you get mine from Nance and e-mail me? thanks: )))

Anonymous said...

These are so vibrant and fun! I love that you just jumped in without reading directions! I do the same! LOL

StegArt said...

These turned out wonderfully. But I am such big fan of Laurel Burch too. I guess I wouldn't think you would have to hide the stitches on the inside.

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