Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ART EVERYDAY: I am so excited to be partcipating in Art Everyday Month. I'd seen something like this a while back but it was from a few years ago and I'd not taken the time to pursue. Then thanks to Mary Ann I found a very current project, to start today.

I know, I just said something about continuing to take on new projects when I have so many unfinished. Look at it this way. I can finish one of those started pieces everyday. Tee-hee. Wish me luck. And I do have about forty ATC cards cut and ready to complete.

I AM pretty certain I do nearly a piece of art everyday anyway. Flexibility is accepted also. PHEW!

These two ATCs (Art Trading Cards) contain the image of a girl whom I fell in love with the moment I spotted her. I found her on an old photo from DH, Greg's family. The picture is of a family of fifteen. This girl appears to have two younger siblings.

Blogger is refusing to upload my pictures yesterday and today so please find the two ATC images as blogged from flickr (please click and go to all sizes for best view) or find at my picturetrail (again click to see both photos and get larger images).

You can also find Grasp at windyangelsandyou. I wrote it earlier this morning when the sun was still shining (and it wasn't snowing).

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Suzie Q said...

YES! Good for you, Wendy! This will be such great fun. I'm about to compose an email to see if I'm not too late to join in, too. (?) At least I know I can find my way around the blogs, whereas I still don't seem able to get to grips with ClothPaperStudio at all!
I have, however, made a start on the 7-day Collage project, but will not be posting them on the group, as I can't work out how to talk to people there! Duh! ;) Not to worry, they will be my first pieces for AED, should I be accepted!
Love the ATCs, and well done for persevering and overcoming the wretched blogger problems! Look forward to seeing your Art every day!

Much Love,
Q xXx

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