Thursday, November 02, 2006

Heartstones - What do your eyes see? The theme this week for Studio Friday is from Nancy Bea: I AM INTERCONNECTED!

I'd been thinking of doing this heart with writing for a long time, probably since about last April when I'd gone for a walk in the Kingdom of Creekside and was
looking for colour. Every time I looked down I seemed to see these small stones in a particular shape. I felt someone was trying to tell me something. I've finally put these piece together as it seems so appropriate for the theme of I am interconnected.

There are two groups of which I am a part. One is our writers group called www Ink (Wednesday Women Writers N.B. This is not a website) . Or there are other possibilities for what the www might stand for, which I'll leave to your imagination. This group has become very good friends over the past year and a half. we don't always talk about writing. We tend to inspire and develop heart strings.

The other group is my "blog sistas". You'll find comments from them on a regular basis. They are in my links. One day I must identify them more specifically there.
Hugs to all of you. The collage - it's 11 X 15 inches. Its' about heartstones, love, friends but also much more. It's about the fact that we each see things differently. It's about the fact that we feel comfortable sharing what we see.

The written words in the heart:

"What do your eyes see? Do they see rough
pebbles, stones, and gravel along life's roadway or can they spot hearts, heartstones and love? Do they see only pain, suffering and heartbreak or do they see opportunities - for comfort, for caring and love? What do your eyes see?"

This piece is not totally complete but I felt the need to share it now. I will complete it with some paint blotches and varnish as I get the urge.

What do your eyes see?


StegArt said...

Very nice Wendy. I like the message of the written phrase. Yes, we all do see things differently, don't we?

Nancy Baumiller said...

What do I see?! I don't see pebbles or stones...they represent something..pieces of your heart (not saying your heart is made of stone hehe) but things in your life that are solid and important to you...Life,music,poetry,love,friends and believing in self..smaller pieces that make up the whole heart...that is what I see and one beautiful piece Wendy! Love it! Hugs and love!

Kat said...

beautiful work! i love the color, the texture and the flow.

Rambling Chick said...

Wendy, my friend, I am loving this new style of art you're discovering within you.

I know you've been pouring your heart and creativity out like mad, shows.

Great work :)
Love Jen

Anonymous said...

This is LOVELY. It makes me think of how we are all interconnected throughout the world. I love that you're allowing your intuition to help guide you in this collage. Thanks for sharing!

xxoo, sista fran :)

Micki said...

This is a very colorful piece. I see that you love your art and your friends.

tammy vitale said...

I LOVE this! I love the color and the placement and everything about it. I want to be able to collage like this - I have to study it. I especially like the openness!

Suzie Q said...

I see a Spirit filled with Love and Joy and Gratitude, and a Heart that cares so deeply...

I see smiles and laughter and pigeons and tickles and such true beauty...

Love you, sweetheart xXx

La said...

It's beautiful, I love the meaning behind it too! ~Laura

Anonymous said...

My eyes see a beautiful assembled art piece!

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