Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas pillow; trying to take one day at a time; trying to complete something instead of starting many more new projects.

I think all this little pillow (7 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches) needs is handstitching on bottom. I had been thinking of making it into a mini quilt with four knots but I got carried away with the stuffing and decided I liked it the way it was. The photo does not show detail very well. The purple fabric is some muslin I had dyed a couple of weeks ago at farm. There is some purple fiber sewn between silver thread and edge of blue. I like it.

Our godchild, TW, was here for a visit this afternoon. We always have such a hard time breaking our hugs, saying good-bye. We are very tight. I love her very much.

TW wants to get into art. I think she's impressed with what I showed her. She says I have done so much. HUMPH! If my accomplishments would be anywhere near my plans I would be happy.

About TW - she needs to find happiness. She saw it huge one summer and would so love to have returned. It never worked for her to return. I sense she is racing now, with life - won't go into details. I wish she would start an art journal. I showed her how to do the quick and easy backgrounds while she was talking a mile a minute and I was listening with heart wide open.

I hear TW questioning herself far too much and talking about maybe needing to change. Sigh. She'll sort it out just as she always has. I hope there won't be too many challenges along the way.

Till tomorrow - have a great day, hopefully with some magic.


Suzie Q said...

My Love to you both. I hope TW starts that Art Journal, too!
Sending you Angels, and magic aplenty! :)


Suzie Q said...

Eek! Forgot to tell you that I LOVE the little pillow you made. It's gorgeous, just as it is. You are creatinf such beautiful things lately, Wendy. I hope they are bringing you Joy :)

StegArt said...

Love the pillow Wendy. It's so darling.

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