Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Wanted" is the word I pointed at when I chose one of the books closest to me, opened the book and pointed at a word, as instructed for random word spark, be inspired to play, for Inspire me Thursday. At first I looked longingly at the words close by - seasons, color. Then I stopped to think about this word. How close could one be to the word wish? There are many things for which I wish. There must certainly be something artful I could create surrrounding the word "wanted". I had thoughts, ideas. My mind took me to a place in time to which I return, expecially when I allow myself the time. You see "I wanted", and I still want...

This is also the second last day for AEM. I may not get to posting any art tomorrow because I must prepare and travel for meetings in Regina on Friday. Starting tomorrow afternoon I will be away from computer for more than 48 hours. Hmmm. Might be tough. I'll try to post on Saturday if I am able to actually do any art tomorrow, November 30.

I was having difficulty with this art journal page. I ended up doing things over a few times. Consequently the words were done mainly with a cheap bic pen. I would probably go over them with a gel pen if I did not need any sleep this night.

The rider and horse are not that which I saw a few years ago. That rider was long and lithe, perhaps more so because her limbs seemed to flow, together with the horse. She rode bareback.

Some day...


tammy vitale said...

tell me more about inspire me thursday - I need something to do now that AEM is over (=[)...

windyangel said...

Hi Tammy. It's a weekly challenge. They've just totally refurbished their whole site, challenge. Just go to the link on right side of my blog under "challenges". The info is all there. The link is also in this post.
Studio Friday is another good challenge and there is also artwords. They are all weekly challenges with a theme introduced for each week. There was one called "Try me Tuesdays". The moderator hadn't been able to update for a time. I think you can find a link at Suzie Qs blog or Nance B.
Thanks for stopping by.

sage said...

thanks for that great question Tammy and thanks Wendy for your leads...


leah said...

Thanks for joining in aem, Wendy!! I hope your travels are smooth and as stress free as possible!

BlueJude said...

Cool idea! Try not to get puter withdrawals and have safe travel!

Suzie Q said...

Hey sweetheart :) Loving your work, as always, and wishing you well. Hope all goes well with the travel/meetings and that you have time to play over the weekend.
Thanks for all the Angels, they have done me proud this week, eventually! May they surround you & your family.
Love you so. Take Care.
Big Hugs, Suze xXx

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